Hub Motor for Teamgee H6/H5

Size: 90mm x 56 mm

Hardness: 83A

Thickness: 9mm

Original from Teamgee H6/H5

Free shipping worldwide with airmail with tracking. If you order with the skateboard we will put the accessories with the order. But if you place the accessories alone, we will use airmail shipping.


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  • How many watts does this motor use? 350? Is it brushless?

    This is 380W brushless hub motor.

  • How do you replace the hub motor on the H5?

    Yes you can do it

  • If my hub motor was damaged, how do I go about replacing it?

    Yes, you can replace it.

  • Does this work for the H5?


  • Hi, could you please tell me the diameter of your hub motors,, are they 60mm? Thanks..

    Thank you for your question. The diameter of this motor is 84mm. 

  • Why the motor is $20 more? It used to be $29 Or $39. NOT WORTH THE PRICE.

    Thanks for asking.

    We listed the price wrong before. Now back to right price.

  • How can I order a hub motor for my team Glee H6

    Thanks for reaching us.
    The motor is back on stock now.

  • Not selling these hub motors anymore?

    thanks for reaching us.

    The motor is back on stock.

  • Will the Hubmotors soon be available again?

    Thanks for reaching us.
    We don't have news when the motors will be back into stock.
    Please stay tuned.

  • What's the kv rating of the motor?

    Motors: Type: Brushless Motor Regenerative brake: Yes Revs: 1800RPM-2200RPM

  • is the urthane replaceable?

    yes, our current selling skateboards all have replaceable urethanes.

  • Will you sell the truck that goes with the hubs?

    Thanks for asking.

    We will have trucks engraved with our logos very soon.

    So yes, we will sell that.

  • is there the truck with the motor?

    Thanks for asking.

    As the title said, only the hub motor with the urethane. No trucks.

  • does this hub motor come with the entire assembly as seen in the image including battery box, hub, and wheels?

    Thanks for reaching us.

    I am afraid the hub motor will not come with the entire assembly as seen in the image including battery box, hub, and wheels.

    We will update the picture soon.

    It will only come with the hub motor with the urethane.