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    Product details:

    2-Piece Replaceable PU Sleeves

    90mm diameter and 56mm width

    83A super-wearable urethane

    Size: 90mm x 56mm PU

    Hardness: 83A

    Thickness: 9mm

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    Ask a Question
    • Hello, i lost the screws for the wheels when they fell off. If i order the extra sleeves, will it come with replacement screws?

      You can note in the order.

    • Hello The picture of the black tread shows the grooves cut all the way through, but the other colors look they are only cut part way. Can you tell me which way the black tread is? also, what is the inside diameter? Thanks

      The teamgee logo is outside.
      It is about 80MM maybe.
      If you want ask to send email to me

    • Will these fit my old H5?

      The size is 90MM.

    • Will these fit the H5?

      yes, it fits the H5 Blade.

      Just this PU is a bit slimmer, so you will feel more vibration from the road.

    • How long with this urethane last with heavy braking

      Thanks for asking.

      This really depends on the road condition and how heavy the brakes as you said.

      But generally speaking, the urethanes are like normal wheels, so should be in a good range.

    • what is the inside diameter ?

      IMHO, this is for our current H6 skateboard's motor, so judging from the H6 motor, so this one could work for 84mm motors.