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Instruction for Remote Control Code

  • Under normal circumstances, the code program of each board and the supporting remote control has completed when the product leaves the factory, so consumers do not need to code again. However, when you accidentally lose the remote control or buy a new remote control or the remote control is damaged and repaired, the code must be completed before use.
  • Steps:

1 .First turn on the power of the board.

  1. Long press the power button of the board for about 5-8 seconds and release the button after the power indicator of the skateboard starts to flash.
  2. Turn on the power of the remote control.
  3. Use a toothpick or a paper clip to click on the remote control’s code key. At this time , the power indicators of the board and the remote control shall flash at the same frequency.
  4. Restart the key to turn on the skateboard and the remote control,and then it can be operated normally.


Ask a Question
  • How to pair a h8 remote there is no place to put a tooth pick

    Please send an email to, our support team will help you with that.

  • hello, is there a screen on the remote control of the H8 langboard? thank you in advance for your reply

    No,the H8's remote control doesn't have a screen.