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2-Piece Replaceable PU Sleeves

2-Piece Replaceable Front Wheels

90mm diameter and 56mm width


1-Piece Replaceable PU Sleeves

3-Piece Replaceable Front Wheels

90mm diameter and 56mm width

83A super-wearable urethane


Size: 90mm x 56mm PU

Hardness: 83A

Thickness: 9mm

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Ask a Question
  • Can the h20 wheels be used on an H20t board purchase?

    Yes, these PU wheels can fit H20t.

  • I want to purchase wheels for h20 , but Thers no option to choose??

    The 90MM wheels can be used on all our electric boards.

  • How soon will the H20T wheels available for purchase?

    You can purchase the rubber wheels on our website now, here is the purchase link: https://www.teamgee.com/products/rubber-wheel-for-h20t?_pos=1&_sid=64b4c6dae&_ss=r