Teamgee Summer Sale 2021 - Up To $200 Off Electric Skateboards

For a limited time only, we will send you a set of PU wheels ($79.99 value) for free with your H20T orders. You can switch easily between the rubber wheels and PU wheels matching your board to the terrain. 

It's time to up your ride. Teamgee has come out with an upgraded board that pushes the possibilities of what an electric longboard can do.

The H20T is designed to bring speed and stability for any level of rider on any road. Step on and ride into the future quickly and in style.

The Most Stable Ride with Wider Tires

Take a ride on any road or surface. Using 103mm rubber tires that are widened by 24 holes to add shock absorption. The holes create a buffer zone and reduce weight allowing you to cruise in stability on any road.

This also offers a smoother riding experience thanks to the additional support provided by their anti-skid capabilities, making them perfect for rain-slick streets and wet pavement.

22 Miles (35KM) On A Single Charge

Go further than you imagined possible on a single charge. The H20T offers you up to an astounding 35km of range on a single charge, meaning you can cover any city center or suburb without having to worry about a low battery.

Using 2 * 600W motors and built with 4 gears of acceleration and speed, the H20T offers unparalleled control of your riding experience. Get comfortable at lower gears before hitting the High+ gear speed of 26miles/h (42km/h).

Racing Car Acceleration

You can expect to go from 0 to 26miles/h (42km/h) in 3-5 seconds, giving you the feeling of driving a racing car. This is made possible by the H20T’s low weight, allowing you to accelerate in less time.

And switching between modes is a simple press away thanks to the perfected Teamgee handheld remote.

Designed For Comfortable Riding

The board design of the H20T is made with stability and comfort in mind. Using a unique and exclusive to TeamGee boards W-shaped foot socket to create a firm surface for stable foot placement. Rider stability is further supported by the warped sides and concave formation design of the wheels that help the shockproof and stable nature of the board on uneven surfaces.

The board shape also uses a positive camber in four directions to create a comfortable angle to further rider’s stability when cruising.

Made For Just About Everyone

The H20T is an electric board made for just about every level of rider, from a complete novice who's only ever watched skateboarding and longboarding videos to YouTube vlogger who owns 10 different electric long boards and cruises through busy city streets on the daily.

Offering a better ride experience through better multi-gear control, advanced braking capabilities, longer range, and a W-shaped foot socket and board design that allows new riders to feel comfortable on their first ride and advanced riders to push the boundaries of their cruises.


4 different brake modes pull down to the end of the throttle, at the meantime, press the speed button to switch brake mode(B1, B2, B3, B4) Can adapt to the needs of different levels of rider no matter you are a novice or a professional rider, you can have fun

4 different speed modes different speed mode (L/M/H/H+).  H+ mode only differs from H mode on a higher accelerate speed at start.

Battery life   standard version: 25 kilometers battery range    

                       enhanced version: 35 kilometers battery range 

  • 8 ply Canadian maple + 1 ply fibreglass deck offers riders a super stable platform at higher speeds, with just the right amount of flex to soak up the bumps, making longer commutes faster and more comfortable.
  • The 4 speed mode and 4 brake mode can meet different needs of your ride.
  • 600watt X 2 hub motors can give you access to lightning-fast acceleration and a top speed of 26 Mph/42Kph, which delivers a thrill and joy on any city street and is equally at home or on larger campuses.
  • Well-designed concaves provide a comfortable ride.
  • Aluminum alloy protective case well protect the battery and mainboard.

Free Shipping for the following countries:

United States, Aland Islands, Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bouvet Island, Brunei, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Ethiopia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Guadeloupe, Guernsey, Holy See (Vatican City State), Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Isle Of Man, Italy, Jersey, Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macao, Republic Of Malaysia, Moldova, Republic of Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Reunion, Romania, Russia, San Marino,  Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Svalbard And Jan Mayen, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam.  

Extra shipping fees for the following countries:

Bangladesh, Israel, Japan, Mongolia, Nepal, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Turkey, Philippines, Ukraine, Canada, United Kingdom.


Ask a Question
  • Hi, what is the max acceptable rider weight and height, what are the lenght/width of the board? Thanks.

    Hi, the max load of H20T is 130kg, and there isn't a rider's max height limit. The deck is 38*9 inches.

  • How to charge

    Hi,  we will include a charger with the skateboard for you.

  • How do u connect a new controller

    Hi, may we know do you want to pair the remote with the controller/ mainboard?
    Hope this article can help you:

  • Can i switch the whddls? For example : Rubber to PU wheels?

    Yes, the H20T is compatible with both the rubber wheels and PU wheels. 

    Besides, for a limited time only, we will send you a set of PU wheels ($79.99 value) for free with your H20T orders. You can switch easily between the rubber wheels and PU wheels matching your board to the terrain. 


  • When will 9.6AH be available again?

    Hi, the 9.6ah battery shall be able to restock 2~3 weeks later.

  • Is it waterproof? Can I use it when it's raining or at least when it's wet?

    Teamgee electric skateboards are rated as IP54 (Liquids Ingress Protection 54).
    It means that protection assured against water splashing from any angle and protection assured against water jets projected by a nozzle (6.3mm) from any angle. Most of the electric skateboards are not made for wet/rainy day, so it is better not to ride an electric skateboard on a slippy road or in rain. Water gets into the metallic parts and causes rust, making bearings seize up and stick to your truck. It makes the bolts rust making it impossible to get the nuts off. Not to mention the electric components. Most of the water damage to electric skateboard was caused by the wheels rotating splashes water into motor wheels and ESC case during riding, which can eventually cause short-circuit.

    We don't recommend you ride it on rainy day or wet road.

    Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

    Have a nice day!

  • What is the watt per hour for the 7.5AH battery? Also can you take battery out ?

    The battery is 270wh.

  • What changes in the boards spec's between the 7.5 and 9.6 AH batteries?

    The h20t with a 9.6Ah battery can reach more cruising range than 7.6 Ah battery.

  • Does this board the hg20t have regenerative braking? Also are the battery swappable

    Yes, h20t has regenerative braking and the battery is swappable.

  • How long after ordering will it take to be shipped?

    We can ship your package out within two days after receiving your order, and your package may takes 7~12 working days to arrive.

  • Can the H20T come with the 9.6 AH Battery?

    Yes, you can buy a H20T with 9.6 AH battery.

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