Hub Motor for Teamgee H8

Size: 84mm x 56 mm

Hardness: 83A

Thickness: 9mm

Original from Teamgee H8

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Ask a Question
  • I have a meepo campus 2 which has 1 hub motor, could I get this and attach it to that board?

    No, the PU sleeves are compatible with Teamgee motor only, because they are customized.

  • I have the h8 / sail one hub motor. Can I buy another one and install it so that I have two hub motor?

    Yes, it will work technically. But you also need to replace the old ESC with the H5 ESC.
    Besides, the battery capacity of H8 is too small for two hub motors. 
    Since no one has done it before, we are not sure you will satisfy with the H8 performance after the rebuild.

  • Can I buy larger PU for the hub to make riding on roads less rough?

    the bigger wheels maybe touch the deck 
    it is not safe.