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  • Will the wheels fit my H20 Mini? I would like to have a softer ride.

    Hi, the wheels of H20mini are smaller than those of other boards. The rubber wheels only equipped with H20 and H20T.

  • How many wheels does it bring?

    The package includes two rubber wheels and two rubber motor sleeves.

  • Do the wheels fit and work on the H5 Thanks

    The wheels can fit the H5. But, our test shows that the H5 performance is not satisfying when we put the rubber wheels on it as the motor power of H5 is not enough to handle the infriction between the ground and rubber wheels very well, which results in H5 being unable to reach its standard speed, climbing ability, and cruising range. So we don't recommend you to put these rubber wheels on H5.

  • Does these wheels effect the h20 range and Is it a softer ride on rough roads

    Yes, the battery range may decline to 70% if you put these wheels on H20 and it will be softer to ride on rough roads.

  • How does the larger wheel size affect speed and range on the H9?

    The 103mm rubber wheels will not affect the speed of the board, but the board range may down to 70% after replacing the wheels.

  • Do the wheels rub on the H9? Worried about wheel bite. Also how does the increased wheel size affect range?

    Yes, the rubber wheels can be installed on the H9. However, H9 may have wheel bite due to its reverse-mounted trucks.
    We recommend setting the rubber wheels on the H20. Besides, the increased wheel size may cause H9's range down to 70%.

  • Would the rubber wheels fit on my H8? Thanks,

    Yes, H8 can fit on Teamgee rubber wheels. But H8 may seem like underpowered after you replace the wheels as the H8 only has one hub motor and the rubber wheels have more friction with the road.